March 25th Update

Apple has announced Applt TV+ their new subscription streaming service which will be avaliable in the fall of 2019.

One of the biggest rumours surrounding Apple over the past two years has been the companies development of a new video streaming service. Something that would usher Apple into the big leagues of online content just like Netflix.

This isn't the first time Apple has created its own streaming service, it was only a few years ago the company created Apple Music. Apple Music helped to make Apple one of the biggest players in the Music Streaming world only outdone currently by Spotify in select markets, though that market gap is shrinking.

Now the company is planning on doing it all over again with Streaming Video, though this time there are far more players in the market than just one.

One of the biggest things Apple has going for it in the creation of this new video streaming service is money. It takes a lot of money to secure talent, and develop TV shows. With Apple being one of the wealthiest companies in the world money doesn't appear to be a problem.

The main issue for Apple will be convincing people that they should sign up and pay for yet another streaming video service. In the past 3 years more and more media companies are starting their very own streaming services and they are quickly becoming the cable packages of the decade.

One way Apple could attract new viewers is by simply offering select shows for free to start. Pull people in with a free season of a new show, or a free 3 month trial then try to hook them. Another great way to get people to sign up is by leveraging their already existing Apple Music subscriber base. By simply charging maybe $5 a month more for Apple Music + Video they could gain a huge user base almost overnight.

At the time of writing this article it seems certain Apple will announce this new video service in the coming months the only real question left is will users actually want to pay for a streaming service from Apple.


  • Apple Video (speculation)

Currently there have been no leaks as to what Apple will call this upcoming service but I'm making a bet that they will follow the lead of Apple Music and simply call the service Apple Video.

Its a clean and simple solution, and really helps them kept the branding similar between the two streaming services.

Also Apple can't just call it Apple TV, because they already have a product called that.

I'm guessing it will be Apple Video, but again only a guess at this time.

Launch Date

  • Mid April or Early May

According to a CNBC report Apple has been working to hold a press event on March 25th at the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park where they are rumoured to announce the streaming service.

As for when users could start accessing the service another report points to Apple telling partners who's content would be featured in the app to be ready for a mid April or early May launch.


  • All Apple Devices (iOS, Mac, Apple TV)
  • Samsung TV's (replacing the iTunes app)
  • Airplay 2 enabled TV's
  • Android (guess)

It was originally thought Apple would simply add their streaming service to iOS, Mac, and Apple TV devices, but at CES many TV makers announced Airplay 2, Siri & HomeKit integration opening up the possibility of those platforms having the Apple Video app in the future.

Samsung also announced they would have a new "iTunes" app on their TV's which would allow users to watch iTunes content right on their devices. Its not hard to imagine Apple swapping that app out for the Apple Videos app when its ready.

Android is the only platform I'm guessing about at this time. Following the move to keep Apple Music on Android I would guess that Apple would build a dedicated Apple Video app for the android platform that way being accessible to all mobile users, not just ones with an iPhone.

The only platform I'm saying no to is the browser. Though other streaming services work in the browser its not something Apple is particularly focused on at this time. Apple Music doesn't work in the browser currently and they have never alluded to it coming to the browser anytime soon.

Exclusive Content

Oprah Shows

  • Apple has signed a multi-year deal with Oprah to create original content for this new Apple Video platform. Its unknown how many shows, or videos will come out of this partnership.

The Morning Show

  • The Morning Show is an American drama series starring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston & Steve Carell and is described as an inside look at the lives of the people who help America wake up in the morning. Apple has ordered two seasons with ten episodes each. Production for the show started on October 31, 2018.

Those are just two of the biggest exclusives for the platform. In total Apple has signed up 31 different shows, and movies as exclusive content for Apple Video.

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