YouTube TV Now Available To 98% Of All Americans


Youtube has announced that their Live TV platform YouTube TV is now avaliable to 98% of all Americans in the USA.

Originally released in April of 2017 the service allowed users to access YouTube's vast catalogue of original creator content, premium content and traditional TV from one application.

At the beginning of 2018 YouTube TV had a reported 300,000 subscribers, but by July of the same year that number had jumped up to 800,000. With that growth its estimated there are now over 1 Million paying YouTube TV subscribers in the USA at the start of 2019.

One of the biggest reasons for the slower rollout to different areas of the USA is due to YouTube working with local television channels to ensure local news and sports programming was avaliable on the service along with the major 4 networks of CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox.

As a Canadian writing about Youtube TV is a little strange, the platform looks like a great fit for any cord cutter out there still interested in watching local news and sports programming from time to time, but until the service is brought to Canada we can only imagine how it would work. Youtube has not said if they have any plans to bring the service outside the USA.

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