YouTube Announces Changes To The Subscription Button

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Today YouTube announced some exciting changes to the way notifications would work for subscriptions on the site. This may finally be a step in the right direction to ensure viewers are getting the notifications they want for once from the platform.

The change today means users who subscribe to a channel will automatically have their “bell” settings set to “Personalized.” This means YouTube may not delivery every upload notification from this creator to you. If you don’t like that idea, you can click on the bell and change the setting to “All.” This way every new upload from the user your subscribing to will be sent straight to you.

YouTube is also recommending checking your device settings to ensure the notifications are turned on.

Along with new viewer settings, Creators can now view the exact number of viewers that have signed up to receive all their notification settings. This is an interesting new metric, and one many people will undoubtedly be interested as time goes on.

Overall only time will tell if users like these new changes and if the creators they subscribe to get sent as a notification to their devices.

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