Xiaomi Showing Off Their New Double Folding Smartphone


In a new teaser video, the president of Xiaomi Lin Bin showed off their latest double folding smartphone.

The device first leaked back on January 3rd and now thanks to a Weibo post we can get a better look at the prototype device which Xiaomi claims to be the worlds first double folding phone.

The device looks rather interesting, in tablet mode, it provides a rather large possibly 4:3 aspect ratio, then with both sides folded in it appears to switch back to a traditional 16:9 smartphone display. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the fact that the screen stays on, on the back of the device when folded. I feel like it would be better implemented if the display simply turned off sections that the users couldn't see. This would also help with battery life in the long term.

Overall the device looks interesting, but the software is very rough looking especially when you see it transition from tablet to smartphone. 2019 continues to look like the year of the folding phone, as Samsung is expected to show off their Galaxy S at an upcoming event before Mobile World Congress.

In the end, the biggest question is not if we can build these types of phones, but indeed if users are interested in them. If they don't sell well, these could go the way of the 3D TV.

Source: Android Central

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