Windows 10 Can Now Uninstall Software Updates If They Go Bad


Microsoft is adding a rather interesting new feature to Windows 10 allowing the software to uninstall updates if they go bad.

This new feature will allow Windows 10 to automatically roll back a software update if the computer is unable to boot correctly. After the software update is removed, Windows 10 will also not attempt another software update for 30 days. Microsoft says this will allow time for third-party hardware makers and Microsoft themselves to develop fixes for the issues.

Windows 10 will automatically rollback device drivers, hotfixes, updates system files, service packs and any new Windows features if they prevent the system from adequately booting after being installed.

It appears to be an excellent solution for problematic software updates that often happen with Windows, but we will have to wait and see how the feature functions for all users in the future to tell if it's useful, or causes more problems.

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