Where Is The Galaxy Home?


Announced back in August 2018 alongside the Note 9 the Galaxy Home was designed to be Samsungs answer to the smart home speaker but nine months later and the Galaxy Home is still nowhere to be found.

The Galaxy Home is Samsungs first crack at building a smart home speaker. One designed to take on the likes of Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod. It's a tuff market to break into, and when Apple finally joined the club, many thought it was far too late. Now Samsung is two years later than Apple, so what hope do they have?

Galaxy Home is designed to run the Bixby assistant and control several Samsung smart things devices but is that enough to get people to buy it? Not only that, by many people find Bixby on their Samsung phones a pain, so adding one willingly to their home seems counterproductive.

Currently, Samsung has told The Verge they-lander on shipping the Galaxy Home in the first half of 2019. With it now being the middle of May that means they have around a month and a half to deliver on that new promise.

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