When Will Samsung Release The Galaxy Home?


Samsung appears to be changing their release date once again for the Bixby powered home speaker which was initially announced alongside the Note 9 in August of 2018.

“The Galaxy Home speaker, which will be the center of Samsung’s home appliances, is planned to be launched in mid-second half of the year,” - Samsung Representative

This is the second delayed release for the product. Originally it was announced the be released in April 2019, but that month went by without an official announcement. The Verge reached out to Samsung, and they stated the device would now be released in the first half of 2019.

Now, as we near the end of June and the middle of the year, Samsung has again pushed it back. This time Samsung has stated that the device will be released in Q3 2019. Q3 ends on September 30th, meaning Samsung may wait over a year after it was announced to release the speaker finally.

It’s unclear what exactly is holding the company back from releasing the device. Are they possible working on updated features, or maybe a better speaker arrangement? Or are they having issues with manufacturing? Or how about they realized that not a lot of people are interested in a smart speaker from Samsung.

It’s hard to say what exactly the issue is, but its an interesting story to follow none the less.

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