Waymo Has The Best Self Driving Car & Apple Has The Worst


New stats are in for the self-driving cars in California last year, and it looks like Waymo is way out ahead of everyone else, and poor Apple is in the last place.

The new report released by the California DMV shows that Waymo cars are the least likely to need human intervention when attempting to drive on their own. Not only is Waymo leading the pack but they're getting better year over year.

In 2017 Waymo reported that they had a disengagement rate of 0.18 which means that for every 5,500 miles a Waymo engineer had to take over driving for 1. That's a pretty impressive number. In 2018 Waymo cut that number in half at 0.08 meaning the car can travel over 11,000 miles for every 1 mile an engineer had to take over.

Not only does Waymo have the best disengagement rate but they have the most miles tested. Waymo has 10 million real-world miles to date driven by its self-driving system and 7 billion simulated miles.

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GM is the second best in California for self-driving reporting a 0.19 disengagement rate, similar to where Waymo was just last year.

After GM the numbers go down pretty fast with some startups filling the space and poor Apple coming in what appears to be the last place.

According to the data, Apple was a disengagement rate of 871.65 which means an Apple engineer had to take over the car ever 1.1 miles of driving. Thats not a very good number compared to what everyone else is reporting.


This isn't necessarily a bad thing for Apple as the company only started testing their self-driving cars in the past few years, but it does show they have a long way to go to catch up with their main rival Waymo, owned by Alphabet, owner of Google.

Its also still unknown what Apple's plans are for the self-driving data they are gathering. It seems unlikely Apple would build their very own car, but it's possible they could use the data to come up with some form of Apple Self Driving Technology Service which they license out to other automakers for a fee.

Source: MacRumors

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