Virgin Galactic & Under Armour Partner Up To Develop Future Space Suit


Virgin Galactic has announced today that they have partnered with Under Armour to create the official custom spacesuits to be used on Virgin Galactic flights.

Under Armour will be working with the commercial space tourism company to build the space suits and footwear that passengers and the pilots will wear during the futures flights.

Beyond the clothing, Under Armour will also be responsible for developing the physical training programs for the astronauts to undergo in preparation for future flights.

The new spacesuits are designed according to Under Armour to provide "enhanced performance" by blending "safety, utility, comfort, and style."

Virgin Galactic is currently targeting the end of 2019 for the first commercial space flight, though I wouldn't be surprised if that date gets pushed back as the company has suffered many setbacks in the past decade.

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