USB-C Will Not Be Included On This Years iPhones


A new report from Japanese publication Macotakara states Apple will stick with the lightning port on this years iPhones.

The report highlights concerns by Apple to convert the iPhone to the more popular USB-C port due to the manufacturing costs that would go along with the accessories included in the box of the iPhone.

Apple currently ships a 5W USB-A charging block and a USB-A to Lightning cable in the box. It would cost Apple too much to start including a USB-C power block and USC-C cable in the box. Even though they currently do this with the new iPad Pros.

This is an unfortunate turn for the 2019 iPhone rumour mill as it seemed pretty certain Apple would be converting over their smartphone line to the new port and help unify all their devices under the single port style.

Currently, the Macbook & MacBook Pro's, iPad Pros & iMac Pro's all feature USB-C ports. The iPhone, Magic Keyboard, Mouse, & Trackpad, along with Airpods all use the lightning connector.

Hopefully in 2020 Apple will flip the switch and change all their accessories to USB-C. I never really understood the USB-C lifestyle until I recently purchased the iPad Pro, and now I know why everyone wants it on all their devices. It's annoying to have to carry around multiple chargers and cables for devices which are so similar.

Source: Macotakara

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