Updated Version of AirPods may come in early 2019


According to Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo and 9to5 Mac, an updated version of Airpods may be released as early as 2019, with a fully redesigned version coming in 2020.

AirPods were among the few items expected to receive an update this past fall, alongside the new iPhones, Apple Watch, and iPads, it only seemed to make sense that Apple would release their new and highly popular Bluetooth headphones along with these devices.  But as the events came and went, AirPods were hardly ever seen.

I was going to say they weren’t seen at all, but there was that interesting iPhone XS event introduction video which appeared to show off a possible new version of AirPods with always-on Hey Siri integration.

So with this new report, what could the updated 2019 version of AirPods support?  The first and major change will be the addition of wireless charging to the AirPods case.  This could be a welcome update to the accessory, allowing you to simply place the AirPods down on a wireless charging pad with your iPhone and keeping them charged up.  

The only issue with this is the lack of the Apple Airpower mat which to date appears to be the strangest product Apple has announced, but not shipped in years.


Beyond the addition of wireless charging, we can expect updated Bluetooth support and an improved hinge on the AirPods case.

Looking forward to 2020, the AirPods may gain water resistance which would be a welcome upgrade for anyone who uses the devices in light rain, or maybe sweats too much while working out at the gym.  Another possible addition would be a form of noise cancelling, though on such a small product it might not be the easiest feat to achieve.

My Take

With all the talk of new Airpods, the question comes to mind: Should I wait for the new model, or buy the current version?  

I would say buy now, don’t wait.  People have been waiting for all of 2018 for the new model, and here we are, the beginning of December, and there is still no new version.  Best to buy now, and start enjoying them and when the new model is released maybe upgrade, or just keep the version you have.