Uber Launches In Saskatoon


Saskatoon is now officially the first location in Saskatchewan to have access to Uber.

During a press event held today, Uber Canada announced they would launch their ridesharing service in the city today. This announcement follows the changes the Saskatchewan provincial government recently made to the laws surrounding transportation services like Uber.

During the event Uber business manager Michael van Hemmen stated:

“We are excited about the launch of new safe and affordable transportation options for the city of Saskatoon, along with flexible economic opportunities for local residents,”

Joe Hargrave, the minister responsible for SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance) stated he was happy Uber would now be an option for those in the city.

Though this is the first location in the province for the service to launch, its expected to come to Regina soon also, though a release date is not yet known as city council has been slow to adapt to the changing ways of ride-sharing apps.

Uber is currently operating in many Canadian cities: Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax and now Saskatoon.

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