Turn Your iPad Pro Into A Laptop With The Brydge Keyboard

If you've been looking for a better keyboard for your new iPad Pro, then look no further than the Brydge keyboard who's pre-orders start today.

Brydge has made a name for themselves the past two years as the company has been developing better and better Bluetooth keyboards which turn your iPad Pro into a laptop look alike.

The keyboard features a high-grade aluminum body, and dedicated ios function keys. You can dock the iPad into the keyboard for standard laptop look and function, but if you flip it around you can prop the tablet up for a movie mode, or fold it all the way flat for tablet mode.

The keyboard connects to the iPad Pro over Bluetooth and can be recharged using the same USB-C cable you already use to charge the iPad.

The 11-inch version costs $149.99 USD, and the 12.9-inch version will be $169.99 USD, and both will start shipping in early spring.