Tim Cook Now Called Tim Apple on Twitter Following the Presidents Mess up Yesterday


Yesterday the public saw yet another interesting meeting at the White House with President Trump and many business officials, like the one and only Tim Apple.

During the live-streamed American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting yesterday Trump called the Apple CEO not by his name, but a strange mishmash of Tim Apple instead. Thanks to the live stream nature the internet took this and created many memes about it. As for Tim Cook, he handled the mishap calmly, but this morning he has reacted to the accident perfectly on Twitter.

No large tweet storm, or even an explanation behind it, but Tim Cook today is known as "Tim " on Twitter now.

Tim Cooks twitter username as of March 7th, 2019

It's interesting to note that in the official White House transcript which shows the mishap someone devices to creatively add a dash into the transcript making it look like Trump quietly ended the statement with "Tim."

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