Tim Cook Meddling With Apple Video Content Could Doom the Streaming Service


Apples continues an effort to create a family-friendly streaming service may be running into some big problems ahead of the launch.

A new report out today from The New York Post says that Tim Cook and other executives are continually meddling in the production of the Apple Vide original programming. Tim Cook even going so far as to tell producers "don't be so mean" when it comes to producing the content.

This isn't the first time Apple has come under fire from meddling in the production of the original video. Back in 2017 when Apple started producing Carpool Karaoke for Apple Music, it was rumoured that Tim Cook had personally asked for scenes to be cut from the show due to excessive swearing and sexual references.


This continued effort to make a family friendly streaming platform is making it very difficult for producers and writers to create compelling content for the new service. Some even citing a lack of transparency and clarity when it comes to production. Or even intrusive executives on set during production. Tim Cook himself has also has been spotted on set during filming of the shows.

“They are making big changes, firing and hiring new writers. There’s a lack of clarity on what they want,” the producer said. “A lot of the product is not as good as they hoped it to be,”

Cook, 58, has been public about wanting family-friendly content, but insiders say the tech giant has also passed on storylines because they are about potentially controversial topics, like religion or the negative consequences of technology.

This could prove to be a big problem in the future for Apple. Netflix, their main future competitor, appears to take the opposite approach, approving all types of content for the service and letting viewers decide what they like, and what they think is maybe too far. Recently shows like "Dear White People" and "13 Reasons Why" created some serious controversy on the platform but also turned into big successes for Netflix.

If Apple is going to screen every little bit of the shows on their platform they may find in the future producers and writers have no interest in working with them on content for the service.

Apple could create the best streaming service when it comes to apps, but when it comes to content, which is what people are using the service for, Apple may just be scaring away all the people who could make or break the service.

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