Third Falcon Heavy Launch To Delivery Human Remains Into Space.


SpaceX is set to launch its third Falcon Heavy rocket into space on Monday night, but this time it will have a rather exciting payload on board.

Along with the 24 satellites the rocket will place into orbit there will be the remains of 100 humans on board, destined to orbit the planet for years to come.

From the company Celestis which sends individual canisters containing the cremated remains of its clients into space. The canisters with the remains inside will orbit the Earth for several years before re-entering the atmosphere and burning up creating a shooting star of sorts.

Among the 100 human remains being sent into space is Bill Pogue, a NASA Astronaut who first worked on the support crew for the Apollo 11 moon landing mission back in 1969. Later he’s spent 84 days working aboard the Skylab space station setting many space flight records in the process.

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch will be live streamed online like all its other launches. The stream is expected to start around 11:30 PM Eastern Time.

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