The Tesla Model 3 Is Preparing To Get Hacked


Soon the Tesla Model 3's security will be put to the test as Tesla has entered their latest high tech vehicle into this years Pwn2Own Vancouver competition.

The Pwn2Own event is a place for hackers to show off their skills and earn money breaking into the code of popular apps and services, but this year they have a new target on the list as the Model 3 has been entered as the only vehicle in the Automotive category.

Tesla is working to partner with the event to test the security of their vehicle's systems thoroughly, and offering a Model 3 as the prize if a hacker can get into the car.

This type of reward is nothing new for Tesla who, since 2014 the company has offered financial rewards for hackers able to break into their cars through their bug bounty program.

It will be interesting to see how the vehicle does against some of the worlds best hackers. If hackers can't get in that's an excellent sign for Tesla, but if they do get in it will also provide essential data to Tesla allowing the company to close up that security hole for all users around the world.