The Sims 4 Island Living Announced

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With E3 2019 happening this week EA started the week off strong at their EA Play press conference where they announced several new titles including one I wanted to chat about The Sims 4: Island Living.

This pack immediately reminds me of a similar pack for the Sims 3 which I loved. Just like its predecessor, The Sims 4 Island Living adds a new tropical beach location for your sims to live in called “Sulani” along with a new open-water gameplay mechanic. This will allow for the first time your Sims 4 sims to swim in the ocean or ride the Aqua Sled around between locations.

To go along with the new location, your Sims can take up working in the conservation career to help protect the island. You may even encounter a few friendly dolphins or mermaids along the way. Your sims can also live near an active volcano, which is sure to add some exciting gameplay.

Overall it looks like a pretty good pack for the Sims 4. Though I no longer play the game as much as I used to, I can still appreciate the amount of work the team would have put into this new expansion pack. Assuming they add several new interactions and gameplay items in with the pack, I’m sure it will be popular with many players who knows maybe it will get me back playing the Sims 4 once again I did love building beachside homes.

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