The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Remove The Headphone Jack


Rumours surrounding this year's announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have started rather small this year, but a big rumour going around this week points to the Note 10 ditching all physical buttons and the headphone jack for its 10th anniversary.

Along with the removal of the headphone jack, Samsung could also be working on releasing a new smaller version of the Note.

To replace the physical buttons on the outside of the phone, Samsung could switch to using capacitive touch areas on the case of the device to act as those buttons. It's unclear how Samsung would prevent accidental button clicks if this were, but I'm sure its something they will look into before launch.

The most significant change here is the removal of the headphone jack. Starting with Apple and the iPhone 7 more and more smartphones have been ditching the headphone jack, but for the longest time, Samsung has stayed true to keeping it as a core part of their devices. The writing though appeared on the wall early this year when Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold.

The Fold was the first Samsung smartphone not to feature a headphone jack, even though the device was the size of two smartphones side by side. The argument that there wouldn't be enough room in the case for the headphone jack seems impossible with the Fold. When it comes to the Note, the same could be said. The Note is the largest phone Samsung makes, and if they plan on removing the headphone jack, they better have a dam good reason for it.

Similar to when Google removed the headphone jack from the Pixel, only one year after making fun of Apple for removing it, I can see Samsung coming under some serious fire for removing the port. It's possible that Samsung could start bundling their Bluetooth headphones in the box with all new Note devices. They were planning on doing this with the Fold also. Thought you have to keep in mind the Fold was an ultra-premium device costing close to $2,000. For Samsung to start giving away Bluetooth headphones with all their smartphones seems highly unlikely.

It will be interesting to see how Samsung handles this if the rumours turn out to be true. It sucks for the diehard Samsung fans who like using headphone jacks because their last hope appears to be gone, but I thought it was only a matter of time that Samsung joined the rest of the industry, even if it's not something buyers want.

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