The Razer Phone 3 May Be Cancelled


It appears Razer may have cancelled all future plans for a Razer Phone 3 as the company lays off many essential individuals.

According to a report from Droid Life Razer laid off a number of workers recently and moved others to new projects. Razer did state that they have new exciting mobile projects in the pipeline but wouldn't comment on exactly which devices they would be.

A previous report from Droid Life stated that Razer had laid off most of the team including the hardware engineers working on their mobile devices.

Razer announced the Razer Phone 2 last year on October 10th, so if the company has plans for a third phone, I would expect them to announce it around the same time. So we will have to wait and see what happens this year.

It wouldn't come as a surprise that Razer is having issues with their phone division. Though its a great looking and performing device, its hard to compete against the giants like Apple, Samsung, and Google. Even with those three out of the running, you have LG, Huawei, & OnePlus holding a larger market share than Razer.

The smartphone market is a hard one to compete in, and if you're not already an established player, it seems highly unlikely that you will stand a chance of becoming profitable in 2019.

Source: Droid Life

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