The Galaxy Fold Is Samsungs New Folding Phone And It Looks Great

Galaxy Fold: Unveiling.gif

Today was the big day for Samsung the company showed off there all new folding phone called the Galax Fold. This is the first folding phone from a major manufacturer.

Galaxy Fold Specs:

  • 4 Colours (Blue, Green, Silver, Black)
  • 4.6-inch front display
  • 7.3-inch folding display on the inside
  • 6 Cameras (1 Front, 3 Back, 2 Inside)
  • 7nm processor
  • 12gb Ram
  • 512gb Storage
  • 2 Batteries
  • LTTE & 5G connection
  • start at $1980 USD
  • available April 26th

The Galaxy Fold by far looks like the best folding phone presented by any company so far. Samsung brought their A game when building this device, and it shows.

The one standout feature that I noticed right away was the hinge design. Samsung says there are many interlocking gears inside the hinge which allows it to open and close smoothly and last a very long time.

Beyond the amazing hinge, there are some cool features built into the phone. The first being the new "App Continuity" which will allow you to browse apps on the front display, then open the phone and be presented with the same app, in the same place on the larger screen. This is great if your scrolling twitter and find a funny video and want to watch it on the larger display. Just open up the phone and boom right there is the video on the mic 7.3-inch display. Another great feature is the new triple app multitasking. You can now have up to 3 apps open at once using the inside screen. This is great for anyone interested in getting some serious work done right on their smartphone.

There are some bad things though. TThe front display is very small considering the size of the device, and once opened there s a mega notice in the top corner o the larger folding display. Hopefully, these are things Samsung will fix in version 2.

The last thing to comment on is the overall price. Starting at $1980 USD ($2608 CAD) is a pretty high price for a smartphone. Though at the same time it is cutting edge and that comes with a cost. I'm sure Samsung will work to bring that cost down in the future.

Overall I'm excited about this new device, and I look forward to reading other reviews online from those who have got hands-on time with it.

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