Tesla's Big Announcements


It started with Elon musk teasing a Tesla announcement happening today and ended with three rather large announcements by the electric car company.

The first big announcement was the release of the much anticipated $35,000 USD Tesla Model 3 car. This price point has been something Tesla has been trying to achieve for a few years, and they have finally delivered on that promise. The lower cost model does ditch some features on the inside, but if you're looking for the cheapest Tesla right now, this is for you.

Next was another big announcement one many didn't see coming; Tesla has decided to close most of their retail stores in favour of users buying Tesla vehicles online inside. Tesla stated this was a way for the company to manage its resources better and save money in the long term.

The last announcement had to do with Autopilot. Not only did it get new pricing for all Tesla vehicles but an update will be coming this year to allow Tesla vehicles to drive using Autopilot of city streets and roads. Autopilot will read street signs, stop signs, and traffic lights and respond accordingly. This is a big step for Tesla as in the past the company has told users Autopilot it only to be used on highways.

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