Tesla Updates The Superchargers Outside Their Headquarters Ahead Of Model Y Announcement


It looks like Tesla is working on upgrading their Superchargers outside the LA Design studio; this also happens to line up with the companies plans to announce the Model Y on Thursday of this week.

Tesla recently announced the new V3 superchargers which thanks to a new liquid cooling system can recharge vehicles up to 1000 miles per hour. The installation of these new chargers right outside the location of the Model Y announcement could point to the new Model Y being one of the first vehicles to support this faster charge rate.

In the coming months after Tesla announces the Model Y, its expected employees will be testing the vehicle on public roads around their headquarters. These tests could include recharging the Model Y at these new superchargers to ensure they do indeed receive the 250kW of power the V3 Superchargers are designed to deliver.

Source: Teslarati

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