Tesla To Add Camping & Party Mode In A Month Or Two


Elon Musk has confirmed on Twitter that Tesla is still working on their upcoming Camping and Party mode for Tesla Vehicles, but the update was pushed back due to the recent work on the Sentry mode and should be released in a month or two.

The Party and Camping mode would allow Tesla vehicles to maintain a constraint airflow, temperature, interior lighting, and music inside the vehicle for up to 48 hours. It would also enable users to power external devices using the cars battery pack.

This is just another case of not only Tesla listening to their fans and user base, but adding fun new features to their cars for free as part of their over the air update feature.

I said it when the new sentry mode was pushed out, but this makes Tesla software updates fun. No other car company does this, and I don't understand why though having Elon Musk as the CEO probably helps out with this.

Maybe someday in the future other car manufacturers will get on board and realize that just because its a vehicle doesn't mean it can't have fun features.

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