Tesla Testing New Parking Spot Blockers


In an apparent attempt to block non-Tesla vehicles from parking in Supercharger spots Tesla has begun rolling out a new blocker at supercharger parking stalls in China and Taiwan.

These new blockers or parking stall locks work by either identifying the Tesla vehicle using a camera to scan the cars license plate or by the driver scanning a QR code on the blocker which allows it to be lowered and the car to park on top of it.

Its a rather simple solution for Tesla to begin using to stop non-Tesla vehicles from parking in the charging spots, something that has been happening more and more around the world.

There is no word from Tesla about the rollout of these blockers and if they will make their way to North America or other Supercharger location around the world.

As a winter dwelling Canadian I have a hard time seeing these blocking solutions working well in an outdoor parking lot, so possibly Tesla is looking into another way to block vehicles. If placed in an enclosed parking structure these could work very well, and for sure would stop non-Tesla vehicles from parking in the spots.

I hope as more and more electric vehicles hit the road drivers begin to understand these spots are not standard parking location and should be treated more like a gas station. You wouldn't park your vehicle in front of a gas pump to merely walk inside a store. The same should be considered at any electric vehicle charging station. Unless your charging you shouldn't park there.

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