Tesla Testing a New Enhanced Summon Feature


Following yesterdays big Tesla announcements a new feature called "Enhanced Summon" will soon be coming to Autopilot enables cars.

Enhanced Summon will allow your Tesla vehicle to drive itself within a parking lot from the parking spot to your current location. The car uses your smartphones GPS location to determine how to reach you best.

Elon Musk has promised a significant update to the summon feature for some time. Tesla is now pushing this feature out to its early access fleet of vehicles. In the beta release notes for this update Tesla describes Enhanced Summon as:

“a parking assist feature that helps you bring your car towards you or towards the destination of your choice by navigating out of parking spaces and maneuvering around objects as necessary.”

When using the updated mobile app inside the Summon tab, you will see the traditional forward and reverse buttons but now also an "Enhanced Summon" icon on the top of the car. Once you tap this icon, you can choose between "Find Me" or dropping a pin for the car to travel towards.

It should be noted that this feature will only work if you or the pin is within 150ft of the car.

“Enhanced Summon is only intended for use in parking lots and drive ways, not public roads. This feature is in beta mode and you must monitor your vehicle and its surrondings at all times.”

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