Tesla Supercharger V3 Announced With Twice the Charging Speed


Yesterday during a press event at Teslas Fremont California headquarters the company announced their new third-generation superchargers which should cut Tesla charging times in half.

The new V3 Superchargers are capable of charging Tesla vehicles at 250kW speeds. This would add 120km (75miles) of range to the electric vehicles in just 5 minutes. That's around 1000 miles of range per hour. This is a significant upgrade from the current V2 Superchargers which max out at 120kW speeds. Tesla also stated they would be increasing those speeds to 145kW via a software update soon.

The rollout of these new V3 Superchargers will start in April, but the first V3 Superchargers are already installed outside Tesla's headquarters in Fremont California.

Tesla vehicle charing speeds with V2 and V3 Superchargers

Model 3 vehicles will be the first to take advantage of this new faster-charging speed when the V3 Superchargers begin popping up around the world. As for the Model S & X Tesla stated a future software update would increase their charging speeds also, but didn't say but how much. Its possible current generation Model s & X vehicles are not capable of handling the increased charging speed. Tesla is expected to refresh the Model S & X vehicles, and this could be one of the prominent new features for the vehicles.

Another great feature coming to Tesla vehicles to do with Supercharging is a new feature called "on-route battery warmup." This feature would allow a Tesla vehicle to begin pre-warming the battery on the way to a supercharger to increase its charging speed. To use this new feature, the driver sets the supercharger as the destination; then when the Tesla begins to near the charging location, it will start to heat the battery. When the car arrives at the supercharger, the battery will be at the perfect temperature to begin charging at the fastest rate. Tesla stated this could increase charging speeds by up to 25%.

Tesla's first supercharger opened back in 2012, and currently, they have over 12,888 superchargers installed at 1,441 locations around the world.

Source: Tesla

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