Tesla Stops Selling Model S & X with 75kWH Batteries


Elon Musk announced on Twitter today that Tesla would soon stop selling the 75kWH versions of the Tesla Model S & Model X.

After January 13th buyers are no longer able to purchase the lowest battery capacity on Tesla higher end model vehicles, this will result in the starting price for the Models S & X increasing by $15,000 creating more separation between the high-end Model 3 and low-end Model S.

This change could also signal a shift in the way Tesla markets the Model S & X as the company could be moving away from using the battery size as the defining factor between versions. The model 3 already does not state the battery capacity; it instead goes by Short range, long range, and performance models.

Buyers looking to get a 75kWh Tesla Model S or X will need to make their purchase before January 13th.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.08.52 AM.png