Tesla Removes All Mentions Of The $35,000 Model 3 From Their Website


A recent change to Tesla's website has sparked fear in some as all mention of the cheaper $35,000 model has been removed from the site.

When the Model 3 was initially announced, one of the most significant features was its low price tag. For the first time, customers could buy into the Tesla car world for a much lower price. The only issue is that the price has yet to arrive.

So far we've seen Tesla appear to focus more on the long-range version and the new performance versions of the Model 3 which sport a much higher price tag.

From the beginning, the plan with the Model 3 was to bring down the entry level for Tesla vehicles. Yes, it has done that, but not as low as some people were hoping and waiting for. Many first-day reservation holders in the USA are still waiting for that lower cost model 3.

This recent change to the website has sparked so fear from potential buyers that Tesla may have cancelled their plans to release the lower cost version of the car. Even recently Elon Musk has tweeted about the most economical version of the Model 3 starting at $35k after $8k of credits & fuels savings, which could be Tesla's way of spinning the cost of the car as having met that $35,000 price tag goal.

US Website

Canadian Website

Though it appears Tesla has removed all mention of the $35k Model 3 on the US site, the Canadian site still lists it as an option coming soon. The question though is which site is correct. Will the Model 3 ever ship in a lower cost version, or is Tesla just moving on and focusing on producing their higher end and more expensive model 3's.

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