Tesla Raising Prices On Autopilot & Full-Self-Driving Upgrades


Elon Musk has confirmed that Tesla will be increasing the prices for their Autopilot and Full-Self-Driving features on March 18th.

Announced on Twitter Musk stated the initial price reduction which happened alongside the $35,000 Model 3 announcement was a mistake and shouldn't have happened.

Current Prices

  • Autopilot = $4,000 CAD
  • FSD = $6,600 CAD

Prices After March 18th

  • Autopilot = $5,300 CAD (increase of $1,300)
  • FSD = $9,200 CAD (increase of $2,600)

Along with the announcement of the cheaper Model 3 Tesla also changed what features were available under each of the two options.

Items like Summon and Auto-Park used to be part of the Autopilot but are not categorized under Full-Self-Driving.

If your a Tesla owner and have been thinking about buying these features for your car, its probably best to do it right away to save a few thousand dollars before the price goes up.

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