Tesla Raising Prices At Their Supercharger Locations


The price to plug your Tesla into those fancy superchargers is going up once again. As reported by Electrek, Tesla is now implementing a new pricing structure at their superchargers.

Until now drivers were charges based on a state & regional pricing scheme, now drivers will be charged based on the individual charging station being used. This will allow Tesla to take local demand and power rates into consideration when charging users who need to recharge.

In a statement provided to Electrek as Tesla spokesperson said:

“adjusting Supercharging pricing to better reflect differences in local electricity costs and site usage,” - Tesla Spokesperson

This pricing change appears to follow Tesla's work to lower their bottom line costs to generate more profit. Beyond that, this change may also help lower congestion seen at some highly popular superchargers. With higher prices, it may convince those who don't necessarily need to use the superchargers to charge somewhere else like at home. This has been an ongoing issue with Tesla superchargers since their creation; some drivers feel its necessary to recharge their car exclusively at superchargers, something that Tesla doesn't recommend the superchargers should only be used for longer trips between destination chargers.

Source: Electrek

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