Tesla Model X Taken Off Road


It’s not something Tesla has ever shown off in their marketing for the Model X electric vehicle, but Tesla does call it an SUV, which means it's time to see what it can do in the mud. The YouTube channel “Out of Spec Motoring” recently did just that taking a stock Model X to an off-road park to see how well it does.

Surprisingly the Model X did pretty well for a vehicle not designed for this type of terrain. The SUV handled the mud, steep hills, and sharp undulations well and the dual motors and traction control surly helped it get over the obstacles.

It’s a compelling test case for Tesla. Maybe in the future, they will consider offering a more off-road type package for the Model X & Y which are both the SUV’s the company makes. Its also possible Tesla will show off the all-terrain capabilities of their upcoming Truck when they finally announce it.

Electric vehicles do offer some significant advantages when off-roading with the ability to slow down their speed but still provide lots of torque it's great for slowest crawling over hard terrain.

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