Tesla Is Bringing Back The Referral Program, But With A Twist


Two months after ending the Referral Program, Tesla has started it back up again, but this time with some changes that should prevent the company from giving away millions of dollars in free cars.

The Tesla Referral Program was initially launched as a way for Tesla buyers to promote buying the vehicles to their friends and family. If your friends or family used your code when purchasing a new vehicle they got a discount, or free supercharging, and you earned points which would be used to get free Tesla prizes.

In the past, Tesla has given away free mini Tesla vehicles for kids and other company swag. But it went all the way up to free trips to watch SpaceX rocket launches and even free cars. Since the announcement of the Tesla 2020 Roadster, the company gave away around 12 of the vehicles for free to referral customers. That amounts to millions of dollars in free vehicles.

This version of the referral program ended on February 1st, but now less than two months later it's back with a new twist. For every time someone uses your referral code you get your name entered twice to for the chance to win a new Tesla Model Y or a Tesla 2020 Roadster. Tesla will be giving away one new Tesla Model Y a month, and one new Roadster every three months. This will cut down the number of vehicles the company gives away each year.

Along with reducing the number of vehicles the company is giving away they are shutting down online influencers who have used their codes in the past as a way to get multiple free vehicles. This is no longer the case, as once you win one of the prizes you can no longer win it again. Meaning at most you will win one Tesla Model Y and One Tesla 2020 Roadster.

These are still great prizes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it prevents big Tesla influencers from cashing in on the referral program by getting free cars and then selling them for profit.

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