Tesla Extends Lowered Prices Until Tonight


If you were planning on buying a new Tesla before the prices went up you still have one more day. Tesla announced on Twitter that they wouldn't be raising prices on their cars until Wednesday at midnight after many issues processing the rush of orders made last-minute.

“Due to unusually high volume, Tesla was unable to process all orders by midnight on Monday, so the slight price rise on vehicles is postponed to midnight Wednesday,” the company wrote.

These issues all started when on February 28th Tesla announced they were lowering their vehicle prices by 6% along with closing most of their store locations and moving to an online-only ordering system. The store cuts and the online-only system allowed Tesla not only to drop the price across the line, but also introduce the highly anticipated $35,000 Model 3.

A week after the initial announcement things started to change, as Tesla halted their store closures and announced they would be raising vehicle pricing by 3%. Tesla stated that after "closely evaluating every single Tesla retail location" they would be halting store closures.

Prices for all cars, except the $35,000 Model 3, would rise by 3% on Tuesday, March 19th at midnight.

Last night it appears Tesla got a mad rush of buyers attempting to buy the cheaper vehicles, so today they have announced they are extending the lower costs for an additional 24hrs.

So if you wanted to buy the cheaper Tesla vehicles but had issues last night making the purchase you have all day today to get your order in.

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