Tesla Back To The Future Easter Egg


It appears the Tesla Smartphone app has been hiding a special Back To The Future Easter egg in it for some time as a Reddit user discovered this week.

The Easter egg shows up for the user when their Tesla has 121 miles of range left on the batter. An apparent reference to the films 1.21 GW of power needed to travel through time.

When your Tesla has 121 miles left, you can click on the battery, and many things will change within the app. First, you will notice your 121 miles of range changes to 1.21GW of power, and the batter changes to a plutonium signal. Also, you'll see a readout stating "Time Circuits On."


More changes include the location of your vehicle is switched to 1600 S Azusa Ave Rowland Heights a crucial filming location used in the films. Also, your next scheduled service appointment is set at November 5, 1955, the date when Doc Brown was hanging a clock over his bathroom toilet, slipped and hit his head and come up with the idea for the Flux Capacitor.

Developers even went so far as to change the VIN number display to one of a Delorean and last changing the vehicle badge to a P88D a reference to the speed needed to travel through time.

Tesla has been known to put Easter eggs into their vehicles as a fun little-added benefit, and this appears to be another fun piece hiding in the mobile app for users to explore.


As a huge Back to the Future fan, and a fan of Tesla this makes me happy to see. I think its great Tesla puts these little Easter eggs in their vehicles because, in the end, it's not something every user will ever discover, but when you do its sure to put a smile on your face, something many other vehicle manufacturers fail to do.

Source: Reddit

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