The 2020 GMC Sierra HD Will Make Your Trailer Transparent


GMC is showing off a rather interesting new technology as part of their upcoming 2020 Sierra pickup truck, a see-through trailer.

The magic act is accomplished thanks to many cameras mounted on the truck, along with a few attached to the trailer. This allows the truck to create a new view which can be displayed on your infotainment screen of the rear of your truck and what's behind the trailer.


GMC says this new "Transparent" trailer view will make it easier for drivers hauling long trailers to see what's behind them and make merging into lanes and overall maneuvering easier.

The camera tech also extends to allowing you to see what's inside your trailer if you're interested in that — making it easy to bring up the interior of the trailer on the same infotainment centre in the truck.

Source: Jalopnik

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