India Opens First Human Spaceflight Centre


India is taking a big step to join other countries in becoming a space fairing nation as the country announced their first space research organization.

The creation of the new Human Space Flight Centre in Bengaluru will allow India to begin development of their new Gaganyaan crewed orbital vehicle which they hope to bring astronauts into space by 2021.

This would see India join a select group of countries in the world capable of delivering humans into space.

Before they try taking people to space the new organization will have to develop a crew survival system, train their crew miners, plan new missions and pursue activities for sustained flights in space.

Beyond the crew, the launch vehicle will need to go through extensive testing. India hopes to launch the first Gaganyaan in December 2020 without crew on board. If that flight goes well one year later in 2021, they will attempt the first crewed trip into space.

As we close in on 2020 space appears to be coming back into the mindset of many people and countries around the world. As the private space race in the USA heats up, and other countries like China and now India ramp up their own space agency's space travel is becoming more commonplace in the world.

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