Casey Neistat Is Quitting Social Media, Should You Do The Same?


In a new video posted on his YouTube channel, Casey Neistat announced he would be scaling back his social media use.

The video titled "Goodbye Social Media" shows Casey talking about what he calls an addiction to social media, and hours he would spend mindlessly scrolling through apps like Twitter and Instagram. Casey isn't shutting down his accounts, but instead uninstalled the Twitter and Instagram apps from his smartphone and will only be using the services from a computer at select times during the day.

This video follows a trend that is popping up more and more these days where individuals are leaving social media for some time to unplug. A way to maybe take a little "Social Media Vacation" and stop worrying about what others are saying online,

It's an interesting concept and one I have done in the past. I love social media, but I think it's becoming an unhealthy addiction for many in the world. I have a personal rule to limit my phone interaction when I'm with others. This is something I wish my friends would also consider. It seems like more and more these days time spent out with friends ends up with us all not talking to each other and just focused on our own devices instead of each other.

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