Telus Ranked The Best Wireless Network In Canada By OpenSignal


OpenSignal has released their latest Canadian Mobile Network Experience Report and has crowned Telus as the winner in Canada this year for the best overall wireless network.

The report released yesterday shows Telus outranks Bell and Rogers in many 4G categories including availability, latency, and download speed across the country. Telus ended up tied with Bell when it came to streaming video and tied with Rogers when it came to Upload speeds.

“We would expect [Telus and Bell] to be very close in this metric as they have a nationwide infrastructure and spectrum agreement that effectively gives them the same LTE footprint. But we wouldn’t expect their scores to be exact as their customer bases are distributed in different ways in Canada,” - OpenSignal

OpenSignal took a total of 1.15 million measurements across the country from over 160,000 devices to come up with this data. The data in question was gathered between October 1st, and December 29th, 2018.

Source: OpenSignal

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