TCL Working On Folding Phone For Your Wrist

Source:  CNET

Source: CNET

TCL the company behind the recent Alcatel and Blackberry phones is reportedly working on up to 5 new folding phone designs, one being very similar to that slap bracelet you wore in middle school.

There are many different concepts for the phone, but the more interesting is one you can wear around your wrist. This video from 2016 shows a concept from Lenovo for a very similar product.

TCL told The Verge that they would have more to show off next week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain where they and many other smartphone manufacturers will be gathering to show off their latest and greatest phones for the year.

For myself, this design looks very interesting, the idea of having a phone that can fold up and be worn like a smartwatch on my wrist, but then when I need it simply unfold is pretty cool. I would be worried though about hitting it against things, as I often do with my current Apple Watch.

I've said it many times in the past but 2019 will be the year of the folding phone and this is just another bit of proof of that statement.

Source: CNET

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