Step Aside Ford F-150, Tesla's Pickup Truck Is Now The Most Talked About Truck In The U.S.

  • Data pulled from geotagged tweets talking about F150 and Tesla Pickup.
  • Tesla is expected to announce their pickup truck in the fall.
  • Tesla Truck will cost less than $50,000

Tesla may have already started to overthrow Ford in the pickup truck world, even before the electric car manufacturer has announced its new all-electric truck.

The Tesla Pickup truck has been a hot topic in the electric vehicle world since Elon Musk originally announced Tesla was working on fully electric pickup for their lineup which would be announced in late 2019.

The truck is expected to have between 400 and 500 miles of range on a single charge, will have dual motors providing the all-wheel drive with a new dynamic suspension for improved off-road performance. This all-new electric power train will also offer an astonishing 300,000 lbs of towing capacity. In comparison, the Ford F-150 has around 13,2000 pounds of towing, meaning the Tesla truck will blow Ford out of the water. Elon Musk has also promised the truck will be available for under $50,000 when it's announced and will be "better than the Ford F-150" which the early stats if correct appear to back up.

Tesla Pickup truck preview image released by Elon Musk

Tesla Pickup truck preview image released by Elon Musk

All the facts are making people talk as AutoWise recently analyzed over 100,000 tweets with geotagged information in the U.S. to find that the Tesla pickup is now a more popular subject than the F150 which previously held the record as the most popular truck in America.

The Ford F-150 is currently the most popular truck in every state, but when put up against the upcoming Tesla pickup truck… it is defeated at a count of 26 states to 24. With most of the Tesla support coming from the West Coast and Upper East coast. The south holds all the support for the Ford F-150." - AutoWise

This data is somewhat surprising considering very little has bee released to the world about the Tesla truck outside the traditional Tesla news cycle. For the average user to talk about it more than the F150 is interesting to see.

One of the biggest hurdles that Tesla still has to overcome convincing the Truck public to buy the Tesla truck instead of the F150. Yes, the specs look nice, but there is one thing the Tesla truck lacks compared to the F150, and that's the roar of an engine, something many in the trucking world love most about their vehicles. Let's not forget they are also the ones who often modify their vehicles to release black smoke than traditionally designed to, to piss other people off. Not the crowd you would think would be interested in an all-electric vehicle.

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