Starting June 1st Canadians Will Have To Pass Online Exam To Fly A Drone

Transport Canada today announced their new rules surrounding flying drones in Canada to go into law starting June 1st, 2019.

In the new rules, pilots must pass an online exam and earn a drone pilot certificate for either basic or advanced operations to fly a drone between 250 grams and 25 kilograms.

Pilots must also be 14 and older to apply for a basic certificate, or 16 and older for an advanced certificate. Along with the certifications, pilots must register and mark their drone with a unique registration number.

“Drones are part of an important economic sector with significant potential to improve lives and connect communities across the country,” - Mark Garneau, Minister of Transport

“Our new regulations will create new opportunities for Canadians by establishing a safe and predictable regulatory environment where the industry can innovate and where recreational and non-recreational drone pilots can safely access Canadian airspace.”

Along with these new rules, pilots must still keep their drone below 400 feet while flying, and stay away from other air traffic.

Drone pilots are also still subject to the criminal code of Canada, and the regulatory framework within the province, territory and municipality in which they reside.

Source: Transport Canada