Starman Is Heading to Space This Weekend


SpaceX's Starman mascot is once again getting ready to head into space, this time inside the brand new Crew Dragon capsule.

Saturday, March 2nd at 2:49 am a Falcon 9 will blast off from Cape Canaveral Florida to test the new SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule. This will be the first flight of the vehicle. If successful the next time the Crew Dragon heads to space, it will have humans on board.

Not to be outdone SpaceX decided to send Starman along for the ride just like they did on last years Falcon Heavy test launch. Starman, or as NASA likes to call the "anthropomorphic test dummy" will be loaded with feedback sensors to analyze the flight's impact on future human astronauts.

Click here to learn all about the upcoming Crew Dragon launch.

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