Spotify Rumored To Be Developing New Hardware Attachment For Your Car


Spotify is rumoured to be working on a new piece of hardware that could make listening to streaming music in your vehicle a whole lot easier.

The new device would connect to your vehicles current stereo system using Bluetooth and allow you to stream Spotify music. The hardware would also feature a voice control system which Spotify has been testing for some time, along with physical hardware buttons for quickly changing songs.

This new device is rumoured to cost around $132 CAD ($100 USD) which would make it cheaper to implement than installing a new stereo head unit into your car which would support Spotify through CarPlay or Android Auto.

It should be noted that Spotify also recently updated their app to allow better control while driving in a vehicle. The new "Car View" setting makes it easier to operate the app while driving in the car possibly negating the need for this additional hardware to be purchased.

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