Spectre App Brings Long Exposure Photography To Your iPhone


A new app hopes to make long exposure photography on the iPhone a whole lot easier and fun thanks for AI and computational photography.

Spectre is a new app from the developers before Halide, the highly popular RAW photo app for iPhone. Halide has defined the camera app space on iPhone for over a year now providing one of the best experiences and user interfaces for a camera app. Now the development team is tackling another tough task on mobile devices, taking long exposure photos.

A trick traditionally accomplished using a DSLR camera and advanced knowledge of shutter speed and exposure; now it's as easy as opening the app and hitting the shutter button. Spectre will automatically determine the type of long exposure photo to create.

If you attempt to take a photo during the day, Spectre will use the long exposure function to remove anything moving in the frame. In the examples provided by the developers, they show Spectre removing traffic from a busy bridge, or even removing people from a busy tourist spot.

The second use is at night you can use Spectre to create amazing looking light trails. A fun thing to play around with on a DSLR camera and now again made easy thanks for Spectre.

Unlike a traditional DSLR Spectre uses AI and computational photography to take hundreds of photos per second and then stitch them all together instead of just holding the shutter open like a traditional DSLR. The results appear the same in the end, and you can even export the photos as a video of the effect taking shape.

Spectre is available now within the App Store for $1.99

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