SpaceX's New Test Rockets Falls Over In High Winds


The high winds in Texas have taken their toll on the new SpaceX starship as part of the future test craft falls over in high winds.

Elon Musk announced today that the strong winds up to 50 mph currently being experienced around the Texas manufacturing facility have resulted in damage to the Starship test vehicle.

Over the past week the top section of the starship was removed and tied down to the ground, but the wind snapped those morning lines and toppled it over. Photos now show the shiny rocket on its side and looking rather crumpled.

Elon Musk has said it will take a few weeks to properly repair the rocket before test flights can begin to take place, but some good news out of this, none of the propellant tanks within the base of the rocket were damaged.

The SpaceX starship is designed to test the landing system of a fully functioning rocket for the future. The currently developed test starship will never reach space instead it will only launch up to a max height of 16400 feet then land back vertically on the ground testing the three specially designed landing engines onboard.

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