SpaceX Will Try Again To Launch Their Starlink Space Internet System

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SpaceX will try again to launch 60 new satellites into space on Thursday to begin the construction of their future space broadband internet system called Starlink.

The Starlink launch was initially scheduled for last week but was pushed back due to high winds at the launch pad. Now a week later, SpaceX is ready to try it again.

If the weather holds out, SpaceX will launch their Falcon 9 rocket into orbit around the earth delivering 60 satellites into lower earth orbit. These satellites are part of the future 12,000 satellites to be used as part of Starlink.

Starlink will allow anyone on earth to access broadband speed internet from anywhere on the planet. Its the first of its kind space internet system and according to founder Elon Musk its a crucial part to make SpaceX profitable into the future. The profits made from Starlink will be used to fund SpaceX’s construction of the Starship rocket, which will hopefully someday bring people to Mars.

As with all other SpaceX launches this one will be live streamed on the companies website for all those interested in watching.

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