SpaceX And Israel Space Company To Launch Rocket For The Moon This Week


This is a big week for both SpaceX and the Israeli space company SpaceIL as the two companies will be working together to launch and land a spacecraft on the moon.

This will be the first time a private company will launch a spacecraft to the moon, and if successful it will make Israel the fourth country to ever land something on the moon after the US, Russia, & China.

The launch is expected to happen Thursday from the launch facility in Florida. The payload itself weighs in at 180 kilograms and was shipped from Israel last month by container ship. The lander will work to measure the moons magnetic field once it has landed not the surface.

This is a significant accomplishment for SpaceIL as the state-owned company was only created back in 2011, and now eight years later is working to land something on the moon.

This will also be a major accomplishment for SpaceX being the first ever private company to launch a rocket with a payload destined for the moon. Hopefully, in the future, SpaceX will have their payloads to send to the moon.

The rocket is expected to launch on Thursday weather permitting, and the landing is scheduled to happen on April 11th.

Source: The Telegraph

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