Snapchat In-App Games Coming Soon


Snapchat may be planning on getting into the gaming business. According to a new report from Cheddar Snapchat plans on launching a new in-app gaming platform at their upcoming developer event in April.

This move by Snapchat would follow a number of acquisitions over the past year of gaming related companies by Snap. Last year Snap bought the Australian gaming studio Prettygreat for $8.6 million USD. Also last year Snap bought the game engine PlayCanvas which is a 3D development tool which operates entirely through the web.

The new Snapchat gaming mode is currently codenamed "project Cognac" within the company. When launched it will feature a lineup of games from many third-party developers that can all be played within Snapchat, presumably between you and your friends.

Snap is hosting their first ever developer event on April 4th in Los Angeles where its expected Snap will show off this new gaming system. The tagline on the event even refers to it saying "Less talk, More play."

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