Slack Begins Testing New Dark Mode on iOS


Slack is the latest app to begin testing a dark mode inside their iOS app ahead of the possible system wide dark mode to be announced with iOS 13.

Buried inside the latest beta version of slack users can find a dark mode toggle inside the settings section. Once enabled the entire app interface will be changed to a darker theme. It should be noted though that the background isn't pure black. Instead, it appears to be a dark grey colour.

Slack is just the latest app on iOS to start testing a dark mode. Recently Facebook Messager also began experimenting with a secret dark mode within their app. Apple is expected to announce a new system-wide dark mode as part of iOS 13 which will be announced at WWDC this summer. Following months of beta testing iOS 13 will be available for users as a free update this fall.

Slack has yet to announce when this dark mode will be available to all users of the app outside their select beta testers.

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